The aspiration to be an active participant in the international artistic community has been etched in the character of Ein Hod Artists' village since its earliest days.

Around Marcel Janco, world renowned leader of the European Dada movement, and founder of Ein Hod, gathered a versatile group of artists, who, much like the young Israel of the time formed a melting pot of cultural and ethnic backgrounds from around the world.
From its inception the unique village has attracted well known artists from many countries who came to visit, work and exchange ideas with the village members.

Members of Ein Hod participate in many important international events and major exhibitions in all fields of endeavor; some represent Israel in formal artistic, architectural, and performance projects.
The artist village hosts artists from around the world. Painters, sculptors, performing and video artists, craftsmen in many fields, all find in Ein Hod a haven for inspiration and creativity.

Ein Hod is a stage for artistic events: an international sculpture biennale, music festivals, arts and craft exhibitions, and special theatrical performances incorporating both Israeli and foreign participants.

The Düsseldorf - Ein Hod artists' exchange program has been active now for the past 20 years. During this time many artists have lived and worked in studios in Düsseldorf and in Ein Hod, specially designed for this project, thus enriching both the participating artists and their communities.

A similar project was initiated last year with the artistic community of New Hampshire, USA, within the framework of a sister city project between the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire and the Hof Carmel region. The Ein Hod - Federation project is based on artists' exchanges, as well as group exhibitions and art fairs which will take place both in Ein Hod and in several towns in New Hampshire.

Three other such cultural interchange programs are now in the process of being established: relationships with two artists' villages in France, one in Provence, the other in metropolitan Paris. International out door sculpture events are planned with the regional artists' organization in the region of Carara, Italy, a co-production of a music summer festival with Corsica, and a glass and textile project with the city of lodz.