The Ein Hod Central Art Gallery, one of the largest galleries in Israel, is located in the heart of the village. It was founded in 1953 during the first days of the establishment of the artists' village and has since been an integral part of the creative community.

Designated by the founders as a show case for artists living and working in the village, it soon gained the reputation of exhibiting outstanding original works.

The gallery today is a complex of several spaces, and in addition to permanently presenting works of over a hundred artists, showing solo and group exhibitions in all fields of arts and crafts from Israel and abroad, it is also a center for cultural activities, exchanges of ideas, lectures and special workshops.
The gallery's activities also complement special projects, such as music, theater and art festivals taking place in the village.

The gallery complex is divided into several designated spaces: The entrance hall features artistic furniture design and light fixtures.

The first hall, an arched exhibition space, is dedicated to the presentation of arts and craft: jewelry, ceramics sculpture and art objects, glass, wood and stone work.

The middle space hosts the permanent exhibition of the Ein Hod collection, which includes works by the founders of the village - oil paintings, works on paper, prints, and sculptures.

This space is followed by a small gallery, in which exhibitions of Ein Hod and guest artists who have been approved by the gallery's art committee are presented.

The main exhibition space of the complex is dedicated to four large group shows a year, curated by the gallery's director and guest curators.

Ein Hod central gallery - entrance hall (arts & crafts space)
Ein Hod central gallery - entrance hall (arts & crafts space)
Ein Hod central gallery - large space (the main gallery)
Ein Hod central gallery - entrance hall (lighting fixtures)
Ein Hod central gallery - middle space (gallery collection)
Ein Hod central gallery - middle space (gallery collection)