D.N. Hof Hacarmel 30890, Israel
Tel/fax: +972-4-9841070
Email: zsarel@zahav.net.il
Website: www.frixell.net/zivakainer

"The more we enlarge the good in our world the proportion of the bad will constantly dwindle and our life on earth will become more possible." - Ziva Kainer

Such is my belief and life axiom as human being and as an artist.

I reside and work in Ein-Hod Artist Village, at the foothills of Mount Carmel.
In my work with charcoal , watercolor ,oil ,acrylic or print, I embrace the landscape
from which I derive and hopefully pass on to the viewer optimism , peace of mind
and the wonders of creation.
Graduate of the University of Haifa, in Philosophy and History of Art,
Graduate of the Art section at the Shine Teachers' Training College in Petach Tikva
Extensive courses at the Avni Institute of Art in Tel Aviv
Studied traditional printing art from Salman El-Kara in Ein-Hod
Enhanced my creative abilities while working closely for a full year with
maestro Kokas Ignac in his studio in Budapest.
A member of the Israel Society of Painters and Sculptors, Tel Aviv.

One -person shows:
1982 Beith Sokolov, Journalists Association, Tel Aviv
1982 Founders Gallery, Metulla
1982 Culture Hall Ein Hod
1985 Debel Gallery, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
1985 Yad Lebanim Gallery, Tiberias
1986 Amphitheater Haifa
1989 Naharia Museum
1989 Municipality Building ,Haifa
1989 Artist's House Ein Hod
1990 Khan Theater , Jerusalem
1990 Artist's House, Ein Hod
1991 I.M.C.A Jerusalem
1992 Vasarelly Museum Budapest , Hungaria
1992 Xantus Janus Museum , Gyor , Hungaria
1994 L.Y.J.C.C Ohio U.S.A
1994 J.C.C Miami , Florida, U.S.A
1995 Artist's House Tel Aviv
1995 Artist's Atalie Dusseldorf Germany
1995 Artist's Main Gallery Ein Hod
2001 Artist's Main Gallery Ein-Hod
2003 Artist's Main Gallery Ein- Hod
2004 - The Muzeum of the Bible Tel-Aviv
2005- Artist's Atalie Dusseldorf Germany
2006- International Art –Expo Toronto

Presented in more than 100 group exhibitions in Israel and abroad

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