1931 - 2005

Studio, Gallery & Sculpture Garden
Contact: Silvia Berg 972-4-9842634, 972-544-729429
Mano Luster: 972-52-3206255
eMail: bsilvia1@bezeqint.net

Born in Braila, Rumania. During the years 1951-1956 he studied at the Bucharest Art Academy with Boris Carajea, Zoe Baioainu and Subotca. Immigrated to Israel and in 1959 he settled in Ein Hod, where he lived and created his art all his life. He taught sculpturing in "Beit Rothchild" and "Beit Hagefen" in Haifa, at the "Ohel Sara College" in Yzrael, and in his own studio in Ein Hod. He participated in many single and group exhibitions, both in Israel and abroad. His works are exhibited in many collections, such as that of the Duke of Bradford in Britain and the Museum of Art in St. Louis.
Iuster's works are inspired by Brancusi's thinking that "We must try not to force material to speak our language, but rather make the spectators understand its language. Simplicity in art is epitome of complexity, and one should feed one's own faith with its very essence in order to perceive its value". Iuster's works, reflecting shapes in nature, indeed combine shape and content. Other sources of inspiration for Iuster were the Bible, the Kabbala and the realization of the Prophets' vision. He regarded himself as "A sculptor of the holy and the secular".

Selected Single Exhibitions:
1961 Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1972 Old Jaffa Gallery; the Westchester Art Center, Pennsylvania; Gallery "10", Vienna
1976 Old Jaffa Gallery
1978 Old Jaffa Gallery; Artists' House, Jerusalem
1996 Yad Labanim, Haifa
1997 Schagall House, Haifa
1999 Ein Hod Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions:
1970-1990 the Haifa Association of Painters and Sculptors
1990 Sculpture Biennale, Ein Hod
1994 Sculpturing in wood symposium, Rumania
1995 Kaukab Abu-el-Hija
1996 International symposium of sculpturing in stone, Ma'alot Tarshiha
2000 Iasi Museum of Art, Rumania
2004 Center of Rumanian Culture, Tel Aviv
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