Painter & Art Historian
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Email: shefer@technion.ac.il

Lives and creates Ein Hod Artists' Village, Israel.
Born in New York USA. Made "alia" to Israel in 1970 and from 1972 until 2002 served as a Senior Lecturer in Art History at Haifa University, Israel.

Studied art with Ad Reinhart, Jimmy Ernst and Walter Rosenblum in New York; at the Brooklyn Museum; University of California Berkeley; "Studio School " – Cambridge, Mass. USA, and "Senne Atalier" – Amsterdam, Holland.

"Why shoes?" I'm often asked….Most likely related to my love of dance and a lifetime pre-occupation with feet and legs. But more than that, shoes are a symbol of a woman's soul, her ups' and downs', her passion for beauty and the decorative, her desire to make a statement. The woman in a high heel is in charge. The
high heel changes the way she walks, the way she thinks of herself and the way others see her. She is in total command.

Like the dolls and still lives I sometimes paint as well, the shoes are beautiful, colorful; an excuse to affirm the wonders that make up a woman's life, wonders that are bright, happy, sometimes comical and always a bit naughty.

B.A.(Cum Laude) in Art and Art History from Brooklyn College
MA in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley,
"Gauguin and the Symbolist Poets" (Masters thesis)
PhD in Art History from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
"The Bird in the Cage: A study of Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian Iconogrpahy" (Published also as a book in 1990, by Peter Lang bulisher. American University Studies, Series XX, fine Arts, Vol. 12)

Academic Rank and Status:
1971-2002: Tenured Senior Lecturer in Art History.
University of Haifa, Israel
(For books and articles, see: art.haifa.ac.il)

Formal Art Studies:
Brooklyn College - Studied with Ad Reinhardt, Jimmy Ernst, Walter Rosenblum: Painting, drawing, design, sculpture and Photography.
Brooklyn Museum - Assistant to the Curator of Photography, Egyptian Art.
Brooklyn Museum - Sketching classes.
Art Students League, New York - Painting.
University of California, Berkeley - Art Studies.
"Studio School" - Cambridge, Mass. (Harvard University)

"Senne Atalier"-Amsterdam, Holland

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