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Gideon Sella was born in 1945.

Studied Photography at the “Fachhochschule fuer Fotografie” in Cologne, Germany.
Since 1974 he is a freelance photographer in Israel, working mainly for advertising, catalogues and calendars.
Gideon Sella was also assigned photographer for various book publications: “Israel, History Land People”, “From the Galillee to the Golan”, “Sinai and the Red Sea”, “With Jesus in the Holy Land” and others.
He has also collaborated as assigned Photographer for book publications with artists like Avi Eisenstein, Uri Lifschitz, Yadid Rubin and others.
Currently he is also teacher of studio photography at the Sapir college in Israel.
Gideon Sella is member of the artists village in Ein Hod.

I regard myself as an observer. I do not interfere with the situation I see, I merely record it. My interest is not the immediate, the political, though I have political sensitivities – but man’s condition in his physical and mental environment. Be that as it may, some might find political aspects in my work. The human images in my photographs seem lost in their space. In some of my work, human presence exists emphasized by objects or traces left. In other work, the ritual, its influence on the senses, and the loss of basic logic in a hysterical crowd, play a major role.
I am led by intuition. I have made these observations concerning my work retrospectively. My work is eclectic in its style, yet the themes are consistent.