Contact: Dena Robbins-Deckel
Tel:+972-50-7564260 or +972-77-3456620

Lived in Ein Hod Artists Village until her death on December 12, 1999.
Born Aquarius Lakewood Ohio, USA, 1920
Studies: 1945-47 - Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan,
1948-50 - Cincinnati Academy of Art, Ohio,
1963-65 - Hunter College, New York, MA,
1966-71- Assistant Professor, New York State University, New Paltz,
1971- Immigrated to Israel,
Senior Lecturer, Art Department, University of Haifa, 1972-84; , 1973-76 1971-84 1973- 76 Chairmanship
Exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions.


The figure has for me endless expressive possibilities. In rendering my concept, I often rearrange my own physical positions so as to find the bodily counterpart of the emotion. I look for combinations from all the marvelous variations of movement and form relationships. Letting my body drop into a feeling of the moment, I explore my Body arrangement, a hand touching, the fingers spreading, the head turning, the toes curling.

Creating sculpture is reaffirming life for me. This becomes a motivating drive sufficient for a lifetime.

During the years 1991-1997, my struggle with progressive muscular dystrophy became a life-death issue in my work. It took the form, during these particular years,
Of working through hours of self-forgetfulness while sitting in my studio rocking chair. The weakness of the physical body challenged the motivating spirit as both often moved in opposite directions.

Can the spirit defy the body and rise to greater heights as if it is immortal?

"Protectively I guard my cause
renewing the loving force
to understand a changing reality
and maintain a reason for being."

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