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Email: asherfro@012.net.il

Born in La Plata,Argentina, 1942
Emigrated to Israel in 1965
Living, teaching and working in Tel Aviv and Ein Hod Artist Village

Art Studies:
1957-1960 Fine Arts College,La Plata University,Argentina
1960-1963.Oil Painting,Andre Lothe
1969-1971 BA University of Haifa,Creative Arts
1978-1979 Field Studies,Mayan Art,Guatemala,Central America
1982- Guest Student,University of Mexico,Mexico City.

1979. Art from Israel,The Israeli Embassy,Guatemala,Central America
1991.Galeria Contemporanea.Marbella,Spain
1993.New Members,Artist Asociation,Tel Aviv
1993.Avni Institute,Tel Aviv Municipality,1st.Price Award,T.A.artists competition
1995 Galeria Nova,Buenos Aires,Argentina
1999.Galeria HaBad,Ein-Hod
Participating in group exhibitions in Barcelona,Madrid,Buenos Aires and Ein Hod

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