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Born in Kibbutz Mizra, member of Ein Hod Artists' Village/ Member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association, as well as the IAPMA – world paper artists association. Manager of the Ein Hod lithography workshop. Initiator and coordinator of exhibitions for paper artists. Married to the artist Joseph Chaaltiel, three children: Eldad, Ohad and Ya'ara – are all artists.

Selected single exhibitions:
1969 Lohamei Hagetaot Museum; the Holocaust Museum, Besancon, France.
1975 Old Yaffo Gallery.
1978-81 Artists' House, Jerusalem; Tzavta, Tel Aviv.
1986 Haifa Museum, within the framework of the Morlo Lithography Workshop of Paris.
1985/7/8/9 Four single exhibitions, Paris.
1994 The SAGA Book Fair, Paris.
1997 Artists' House, Tel Aviv.
2004 "Paper Leaves", Shturman House, Ein Harod.

Selected group exhibitions:
1964/8 Five Ein Hod artists, Negev Museum, Beer Shave.
1983 Printing Triennale, Haifa Museum.
1985-2004 Mini Print Exhibitions, Barcelona, Spain.
1985-1993 Exhibitions of the "Line" artists, Paris, France.
1986 Graphics Biennale, Sarcelles, France.
1988 Art Biennale, Valparaiso, Chile.
"The Black Line" – artists, Marcel Janco's pupils, exhibiting in the Janco-Dada
Museum, Ein Hod.
Gambel Gallery, Oslo, Norway. Petit Museum, Courin, Belgium.
1990 Five artists exhibiting paper, Wilfried House, Kibbutz Hazorea.
1994 Saint Germaine Book Fair, Paris, France.
1998 Five Ein Hod artists, the Star Gallery, Boston, USA.
2000-2007 Four different exhibitions, Simgallery, Megadim.
2000 Paper Culture, the Tefen Museum, Beer Sheva.
2000-2007 Paper exhibitions, Ein Afek Nature Reserve.
2001 Le Petit Museum, Belgium and the Cite in Paris.
2003 Graphics Triannale, Chamelier, France.
2003 IAPMA Congress, Geneve, Switzerland.
2004 The Fibers' Triannale, Lodz, Poland, on behalf of Simgallery.
10 lithographs and one papyrus – purchased by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
2005 The Eicha scroll – 9 wood prints, purchased by the Print Museum, Wittschtock,
2006 Le Petit Museum, Belgium – Homage to Matisse.
Longing for Paris, Ein Hod Gallery.
"Family Album" – Bein Ariela Library, Tel Aviv, jointly with Joseph Chaaltiel, Eldad,
Ohad, Margalit Pery, Ya'ara and Marom Sinuani.

1973 Yad Vashem.
1982 Education for Art, Ministry of Culture and Education.
1986 Haifa Municipality.
1990-92 Education Entrepreneurship Fund.
1986-96 The Amos Fund, President's House.
1992 The Struck Award.
Writing poetry – several books printed.

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