Painting studio, fine art, printmaking
Tel: +972-4-9841171, telfax: +972-4-9840576
Email: hmarkson@research.haifa,ac.il

Born in London. Moved to Salisbury 1940.
Attended Salisbury School of Art and the Central School of Art in London.
From 1963 until 1966 co-directed the first open fine art print making workshop in London, Charlotte Street
Taught at Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting and at Chelsea College of Art in London.
After a visit to Israel in 1967 and exhibitions in Jerusalem and Haifa, returned in 1970 – taught Lithography and etching at Bezalel Academy. In 1970 was co-founder Faculty member of the University of Haifa Art Department. Set up the Fine Art Print Studios.

Taught lithography and etching until 2002.
Is now Professor Emeritus.
In 1992 established her printmaking and painting studio in Ein Hod.
Lives and works in Ein Hod and resides part of every year in the UK.

"And the Sky of Birds", 1994-99
(from Dylan Thomas Suite), color etching/aquatint
"Bed", 2000, (from Dwelling Places Portfolio), color etching/aquatint

"Untitled", 1999-2003
(from Noah series), color etching/aquatint
"Landscape", 1993-2003
color etching/aquatint

Selected One-Person Exhibitions:
1964 London Editions Alecto Gallery
1965 Liverpool Walker Art Gallery
1967 Jerusalem Artist House
1972 Safed Museum of Printing Art
1985 University of Connecticut, Homer Babbidge Library
1994 Israel Museum Jerusalem
1996 University of Haifa Art Gallery
1998 The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the Cress Gallery
2004 The Belgrave Gallery, London
2004 Fisherton Mill Gallery, Salisbury, UK
2004 Ein Hod Artists Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions:
1956-1964 London St. George’s Gallery
Piccadilly Gallery, London
New York Museum of Modern Art
1959 London Whitechapel Art Gallery, “The Graven Image”
1963 R.W.S. Gallery, London
1966 The Print Workshop at the Curwen Gallery, London
1972 Tel Aviv Museum, “Graphic Art in Israel Today”
1988 The Safed Museum of Printing Art
“Prints, Helena Markson and her Students’ Work”
1997 Llubljana Biennial ICGA, Israeli representative
2000 Jerusalem Print Workshop, “The Print and the Poem”
2003-4 Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery
Editions Alecto, “A Fury for Prints” 1960-1981
Bankside Gallery, London
2006 Belgrave Gallery, London
2007 Fisherton Mill Gallery, Salisbury
2007 Ein Hod Group Shows

Selected Works in Public Collections:
London –Tate Gallery
Liverpool – Walker Art Gallery
Wales National Museum
New York – The Museum of Modern Art
Jerusalem – Israel Museum
New York – United Nations Building
London – Time Magazine
New York – Carnegie Library
New York – Public Library
Stockholm – Unilever
Texas, Dallas Museum of Fine Art

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