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Mara was born in Israel and began her career as an artist at an early age.
She studied at the Rex & The Free academies in Holland and the Art Department Haifa University. She is a member of the Israeli Artists Association.

Mara is an expressionist specializing in leather, chalk & oil. Her works are on erotic blend striking a balance between internal & external experiences.

She has a permanent display at Ein Hod Artists gallery and her studio is open by appointment.


1977 Artists' House, Jerusalem.
1979 Wilfried Museum, Hazorea.
1981 York Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1985 Abba Hushi Town Gallery, Haifa.
1988 Artists' House, Ein-Hod.
1990 Attelierhous, Dusseldorf, Germany.
1990 Semain du Quir, Paris, France.
1992 Artists' House, Ein-Hod.
1993 Beit Halochem Gallery, Haifa.
1997 Oil & Computer paintings, Ein-Hod Gallery, Ein-Hod.
1998 Oil paintings, Ein-Hod Gallery, Ein-Hod.
1998 J.C.C New Haven Connecticut, Paintings
1998 Paintings, Art Expo New-York, N.Y .
2001 The new Pyramid, Farkash Galery, Jaffa.
2001 The Orot Rabin Power Station, Castra Gallery, Haifa.
2003 Kordeliya Gallery, Jaffa.
2004 Town-Hall Library Caesarea.
2006 Together (with Y.Ben Dov), The Engel gallery, Tel Aviv.

1981 (with the painter A. Bazak), Arnheim, Holland.
1982 (with A. Bazak) Arnheim, Holland.
1986 Arad Museum, Arad.
1986 Center of Visual Arts, Be'er-Sheva.
1988 Grsse Kunstausstellung NRW Duesseldorf, Germany.
1992 International Art in Leather, Munich, Germany.
1994 Art focus, Ein-hod.
1995 Town Gallery, Duesseldorf, Germany.
1996 Erotic Art , Ein-hod.

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