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Shoshana Heimann is a well known Israeli artist who has been working for seven decades in the fields of sculpture, painting, drawing, book illustration, and prose/poetry writings. After studying at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts, she started sculpting in wood as a student of Rudi Lehmann. Later, she continued her studies in the Accademia di Bel Arte, Florence, and in the Ecole de Beaux Art, Paris.

Her courageous spirit has always been manifested in her passion for art and especially in her ongoing search to distil the essence of things. In her early work, representational details were left out and replaced by an intense and clear solid form. This process led, later on, to the creation of her more abstract and anonymous archetypical figures.

For two decades, since 1948, her work in sculpture, drawings and lithographs responded to local events, dealing with themes of death, loss and sacrifice. Since moving to Ein Hod in 1980, the subject of the Alter was manifested in her work. At times taking the form of a chair, both inviting the possibility of sitting and conversing, while also echoing the shape of a throne. In recent years, she has been engaged in shapes that defy gravity, which she likens to spaceships. Her work has altered between small intimate sculptures and drawings to much larger monumental works, as in the Tel-Hai 1987 Biennale outdoor sculpture, and the large canvases created in Düsseldorf, Germany, in the years 1992-2002.

Heimann was one of the founders of Ein Hod. Her work has been a significant contribution to the development of Israeli art. She remains committed to dealing with the course of our existence here, the struggle and grief, the living memory of this land and our mythical bond to the ancient civilization of the Near East.


Presented solo exhibition and group exhibition in leading galleries and museums in Israel and abroad.
Among them: The Jerusalem Artists House(1950,1959), Haifa University Gallery(1986), "Düsseldorf guest artists' studio" (1992-2002), "Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli Art" (1994)

The Young Artists Prize(1948), the "Dizingoff prize" for sculpture (1951,1967), and the UNESCO prize, in the international exhibition in Monaco(1967).

International activities
Sculpture symposiums: Yugoslavia 1963-65, Denmark 1997 , Korea 1999.
Guest artist at the Düsseldorf Cultural Department studio,(yearly), 1992-2002.
Her works are held by many private and public collections in Israel and abroad.

Shoshana has illustrated a large number of children books for both "Am Oved" and "Sifriyat Hapoalim" publishers. Her best known work in this field was “Shmulikipod” , in collaboration with T.Carmi (1955).
Prose: “Perdika”, "Yaron Golan" publishers, 1995
Poetry: "The Shadow of the Jackal”, published by the Cultural Department of Düsseldorf, 2003.

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