Born in 1947 in a family of holocaust survivors, I grew up with gaping questions of faith and identity in communist Chechoslovakia.

The emigration to Israel in 1967 set the stage for my long maturation on the personal, artistic and social levels.
Specializing in graphics at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, I work since 1972 as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

In 1983 I became a member of Ein Hod Artist Village. My work as a Yoga teacher was paralleled by study drawings of the structure & movement of the human body.

In 1995 I was commissioned by Dr. Hayutman to paint his visions of Heavenly Jerusalem. With his inspiration I painted four major paintings, which are pregnant with visual symbolism and archetypes of the age-old yearning of humanity for redemption and peace.

With finishing these paintings, I realized that now my work was in "Earthly Jerusalem" – thus in 1999 I moved here, where I initiated an ecological /community project “Bustania”.

In 2004 I created the central image in the series of the "Heavenly & Earthly Jerusalem": "The Opening of the Gate of Mercy"-

In 2005 I painted the series “Roots” on the subject of my family and cultural backround.
Since 2006 I create & exhibit in “Jerusalem Art Center” in Caprice Jerusalem.

Individual Exhibitions:
1986 Kibutz Ein Hahoresh
1999 Artist’s Gallery Ein Hod
2005 “Kumkum” Gallery Jerusalem
2006 “Sendevelopment” Prague
2006 “The House of Quality” Jerusalem

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