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Born 1959 in Israel. Lives and works in Ein Hod Artists Village since 1994.

1985-1987- Art Studies at the Art College ÷ "Hamidrasha".
1986 - Awarded a scholarship by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.
1986- 2007 - Single and group exhibitions, both in Israel and abroad.
2003 - Mif'al Ha'Pais award for art.
2004 - Single exhibition at the Janco Dada Museum.

Dror's works can be seen in public and private collections in Israel and abroad.

Mixed media on plywood

Dror's paintings attempt to describe the indescribable, dispel the illusion of stability, and record the illusive gap between formation and disappearance.
Pointing, expressing the sound of vowels, prior to verbal meaning, turns in his works ÷ while injuring and healing with layers of covering and uncovering ÷ into a molecular fabric, material molecules disrupting the illusion of non-change.
Punctuation marks, intended to assist in perceiving the meaning of things, indicate the silence between words, an untenable phrase, a quotation from nowhere.
Couples and families - as a promise of happiness, and language ÷ as an option of dialogue, blend with the materialism of earth, tar and wax, in a mixture of material's wear, of the changes and signs of time, with language's signs as both background and essence, between the obvious and the vague, the existent and absent.
The marks of vowels and punctuation, turn into a language as an edge, as an encounter between the fluent and the vague, words' edge of expression, on the verge of muttering, as the bare edge of body and soul. Earth, the primary material from which we come and to which we return, the material we live on and feed from, a place of disagreement, with which we are finally covered ÷ this earth is severed from its context, turning into silence, before and after the turmoil.
Wax ÷ a light, lucid, memory conducting material, together with tar ÷dark and opaque, merge into a new material. They blend the dark with the light, as an analogy of material and spiritual processes, in an attempt to reach the unknown line between intention and random, within the changing space of consciousness, beyond the restrictions of language.
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