Claire Yaniv was born in Basra, Iraq in 1920. She grew up in Baghdad and immigrated to Israel in 1928. In her youth she lived in Tel Aviv, where, at the age of 14-15 she began taking drawing lessons with the artists Haim Gliksberg. During the years 1939-1940 she studied with Ytzhak Frenkel, and later, during the years 1946-1948 at the "Studia", managed by Streichman and Steimatzky.

Claire Yaniv was one of the founders of the "Group of Ten" (1951-1960) and participated in all the group's exhibitions. At the beginning of the '70 she joined the artists who founded the "Climate" group, participating in all their group exhibitions as well. In 1953 Claire Yaniv joined the founders of Ein Hod Artists Village, where she lives until this day.

Single Exhibitions
1958 Chemerinsky Gallery, Tel Aviv
1960 Abstract – gouache paintings, Gallery "Dugit", Tel Aviv
1964 Gallery Chemerinsky, Tel Aviv
1971 The Livik House Gallery, Tel Aviv
1982 "Aquarelles" – Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv
1985 Aba Hushi House, Haifa
"From Aquarelle to Gouache" – "Hamishken Le'Omanut" – Holon
1986 "Meeting", Artists' House, Jerusalem
1990 "Works on Paper", Artists' House, Tel Aviv
1991 "A Selection of Works", Art-Li Gallery, Dan Carmel Hotel, Haifa
1992 "Works in Abstract", "Hamishken Le'Omanut" – Holon
1997 "In Search of Balance", the Hecht Museum, Haifa
2002 "A Matter of Balance", Ein Hod Gallery
2006 "The Woman and the Soul Bird" – a retrospective, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod

Selected Group Exhibitions
1951-1960 The "group of Ten" exhibitions
1954 General exhibitions of Israeli artists
1959-1962 Exhibitions of Israeli artists in Brussels, Antwerpen, Liege and Tokyo
1974 Opening exhibition of the "Climate" group, Artists House, Jreusalem
"Climate – Painting and Sculpturing" , the Mann Auditorium foyer, Tel Aviv
The "Climate" Group, the Modern Art Museum, Haifa
1988 'Haifa" – Portrait Plus, the Modern Art Museum, Haifa
1989 "Studia – the Intermediate Generation", Artists' House, Tel Aviv
"Homage to the Black Line" – Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod
1991 "North", artists creating in the north of Israel, the Open Museum, Tefen
1992 The "Group of Ten" (1951-1960), Israaeli Art Museum, Ramat Gan

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