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Dan Chamizer, has come to be regarded as something of a national treasure in Israel over the last three decades.

Israel’s most famous riddler, Dan (60) is often described as a Renaissance man. He is a pilot, sculptor, poet, visual artist, inventor and, of course, a treasure hunt and riddle guru whose radio and TV conundrums have fascinated millions, making him a household name. Indeed, the unique "Chamizer Riddle" engages and delights over a third of the population every year.

Developed in the eighties and based on an original coding system, Dan’s innovative "Chamizer Riddle" tool has provided the infrastructure for a diverse range of formats in the fields of education, communication and media (television, radio, Internet, print, telephony etc.) and is also used widely in numerous professional motivational programs, stimulating employees in organizations and workplaces throughout Israel.

ChamizerMania in Israel – Some Facts and Figures
17,000 school classes over the country have been exposed during the past five years to innovative teaching methods based around "Chamizer Riddle" problem-solving.
During the past two decades, the following Chamizer projects have been launched:
• 52 nationwide projects involving radio, press, TV and commercial sponsors
• 57 projects commissioned by government agencies and by social and public organizations
• 237 privately purchased by commercial entities towards unique promotion and marketing
• 25 projects for high-tech companies
• 132 tourism-related projects

Based on a 2005 survey conducted by the national advertising union:
• 91% of Israelis had heard of the "Chamizer Riddle"
• 61% of Israelis had been involved in attempts to solve the riddle
• 28% of Israelis regularly enjoyed the challenge of the various Chamizer projects
• 54% of Israelis preferred listening to the "Chamizer Riddle" on the radio in their spare time over any other program aired nationally.
Since 1990, prizes valued at over 13 Million US Dollars have been awarded via various Chamizer projects.

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