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Roy Brody is both a tour guide and a photographer. He studied at the Art Centre, Los Angeles, later working as a newspaper photographer for the Guardian and the Observer. On his arrival in Israel in 1963 he worked on kibbutz and later started his photographic activity. After the Yom Kippur War of 1973 he became a licensed tour guide - this continuing until the present.
Roy has worked extensively with Israel’s major industrial companies in the Haifa area, taught photography and his work has been used in numerous publications and seen in group exhibitions.

Roy’s instructive photo walk Looking and Seeing concentrates on talking about light, shade, the limitations of cameras and sensitivity to the environment. It is ideal for those who photographed and later said about their results - That’s not what I saw.
The walk is suitable for all ages and also excellent for encouraging children to look at the work through their own prism.

Apart from guiding all over Israel, Roy and his wife Vivienne have created a fun tour in the area around Ein Hod which concentrates on meeting people of the area and learning from them.

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