Artist, Art Therapist and Psychologist
Tel: 050-2063828

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Live in San Francisco, U.S.A, and Israel .Is a member of Ein-Hod Artist Village since 1985,where she presently create and exhibit her work.

*AnaLia is a member of: The American Art Therapy Ass,
Israel Art Therapy Ass, San Francisco Art Commission and Israel Painters and Sculptors Ass.
*She created and developed an art therapy technique for children who are at risk of develop P.T.S.D. because of direct or indirect expose to trauma events (terrorists attacks, illness, war and others).
The technique-Stave Rachel has been applied for the last 3 years at Israel’s kindergartens and schools, as well as at the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Dept., Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel; where AnaLia works for the last 8 years.
*Published professional art therapy articles and researches. The Israel Minister of Health approved recognized several of them.
*On 2005, AnaLia received a Title of Honor, the highest in the field, from the Israel Art Therapy Institute.

1958-1966. Art classes at several privet artist’s studios. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
1966. Interior Design. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
1966. Teacher’s Credential. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
1967-1973. Art design, ceramic sculpture, sculpture, painting and drawing classes at privet Israel artist’s studios like: Danny Kerman, Rudy Leman, Igal Tumarkin, Dov Feign and more.
1969-1973. Sculpture, painting and Art History studies. Avni Art School. Tel Aviv. Israel.
1969-1975. Psychology and Criminology studies at Bar Ilan University. Israel.
1971. Introduction to Art Therapy. Mrs. Dryfus. Tel Aviv. Israel.
1979-1985 Studies at several areas:
-Glass Sculpture. Berkley Univ. U.S.A
-Art Therapies. Antioch West Univ, (Lesley College Branch). San Francisco. U.S.A
-Sculpture Studies. Fort Mason Art Center. San Francisco. U.S.A.
-Animation Studies. San Francisco State Univ. U.S.A.
-Family Therapy with Virginia Satir. San Francisco. U.S.A.
-Dream Therapy Studies. Berkley Univ. U.S.A.
-Disaster Intervention Therapy. Berkley Univ. U.S.A.
-Rebirth Therapy with Christina and Stanislav Groff. Easelan Institute. U.S.A.
-Shamanism in Psychoanalysis with Dr. Salvador Roquet. San Francisco. U.S.A.
-Shamanism with Michel Hardener. San Francisco. U.S.A.

1976.Maskit Gallery.Tel-Aviv. Israel.
1977.Safrai Gallery.Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Israel.
1977-1991.Solo and group exhibitions at different galleries and studios around the U.S.A.
1982.Created and exhibit the Ice Sculpture Ceremony for peace and unity at San Francisco, N.Y., Vancouver and Israel.
1985-1987.Special sculpture projects for the U.N. and San Francisco’s Art for Public Places.
1990-2001. Paintings, masks, sculptures and hand made jewelry exhibitions, at my privet gallery. Ein-Hod, Artist Village. Israel.
1996.Sculpture exhibition.” Passion of Life”. Ein-Hod Gallery. Israel.
1997.Big size sculpture exhibition. “Red and Blue”. Ein-Hod’s Gallery. Israel.
1998.Paintings and sculpture exhibition. “Midnight Summer Dream”. Globus Gallery.Haifa.Israel.
1998.Animation video presentation. “The Bridge”. Computerized and animated tool to help children with trauma. Montreal. Canada.
1999.Painting exhibition. ”Doors”. Ein-Hod’s cultural center gallery. Israel.
1999.Art Therapy and Animation to help children with cancer, movie presentation at National Art Therapy Conference. Rambam Medical Center. Haifa. Israel.
1999.Erotic art group exhibit. Ein-Hod Cultural Center. Israel.
2000.Ceramic sculpture exhibition.” White”. Ein-Hod Gallery. Israel.
2001.Group art exhibition. Ein-Hod Gallery. Israel.
2002.Privet Exhibition. “Osmosis-Genetics”, Ein Hod’s privet gallery. Israel.
2002. “Communication”. Bezeq-phone sculpture group exhibition. Haifa Museon.Israel.
2002.Group exhibition. ”Portraits”. Ein Hod’s gallery. Israel.
2003. “Hopes and Fears”, movie presentations, (art therapy with school children at the gulf war 1991). Israel Art Therapy Conference, as well as several U.S. museums.
2003:Methaphorical Portrait in the New Millennium Price winner for Art Therapy poster. Porto, Portugal.
2005: ”Music”, painting. Art exhibition .Ein Hod’s Gallery. Israel.

On going art exhibition at artist’s privet Ein Hod Gallery.
AnaLia sells her sculptures and paintings to privet and public collectors in Israel and abroad.
Art therapy work experience:
1972-1973 Art Therapy internship at Tel Hashomer Dept.Psychiatric Dept. Israel
1979-1986 Art Therapy and counselor. La Posada Half way House.San Francisco. Cal.
1979-1986 Art therapy assistant.S.F.Center, with Dr.Salvador Roquet.S.F.,Cal.
1981-1983 Art therapy counselor. Redwood City Half Way House. Redwood City. Cal.
1984-1987 Art Therapist. San Francisco Family Services. San Francisco. Cal.
1991-1992 Art Therapist for school children during the Gulf War. Israel and abroad.
1992-1995 Art Therapist. Ex-drug addicts adults and teens. Ambulatory services. Hedera. Israel.
1995-1996 Art Therapist with adults drug addicts. Methadone Center. Haifa. Israel
1996-1997 Art Therapy teacher at Redman Center. Tel Aviv. Israel.
1997-1999 Art Therapy teacher at ISIS, Creative Art Therapy School.Tel Aviv. Israel.
1998 to present Art Therapist for the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Dept., Rambam Medical Center, Haifa. Israel.
1998 to present: Art Therapy supervisor.
2002-to present: Art therapist with children who have been directly or indirectly exposed to terrorist attacks in Israel.
2002 to present: Creator and developer of “Tsivei Rachel” art therapy technique for traumatized children from war, terrorist attacks, illness and more.

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