Founded in 1953 by the Dada artist Marcel Janco and a group of artists, Ein Hod is the only artists' village in Israel, and one of few of it's kind in the whole world.

Nestled in the heart of the Hof Carmel region, among olive groves and fruit orchards, the village glides down mount Carmel green hills to the sea shore. This pictorial setting is enhanced by the special and intensive cultural and diversified artistic scenario.

150 artists and their families inhabit Ein Hod. They live, work and create in the village in every cultural medium and field of endeavor. Through the years, the special atmosphere in the village has influenced the second and third generations into choosing to live here and become artists in their own rights.
Ein Hod

From the first days to the present, the richness and diversified talent of members of the artists' village have been unlimited source of excitement and creativity for the community, and many of the events, as well as the celebration of holidays are initiated and carried out by local talent. Through the years Ein Hod has become famous for it's cultural and inspiring activities and is visited by tourists and artists alike seeking to enjoy and share the muse.

Among the members of the village are 10 winners of the prestigious Israel National Award, architects, jewelers and designers whose projects are world-renowned. Many of Ein Hod artists have won world acclaim. Their works are included in important private and institutional collections. They exhibit in museums and major galleries in Israel and abroad, participate in important group exhibitions and are invited to international art projects, published books, and were awarded prizes.

The Ein Hod Central Art Gallery
, founded during the first days of Ein Hod, is the heart of the village. Most of Ein Hod artists and craftsmen present their works in the gallery's spaces, as well as in their private studios and galleries. Some are opened to the public on daily basis, others, upon previously set appointments.

The Janco Dada museum, build in 1983 in honor of the founder of the village, includes a permanent exhibition of Janco's work, exhibition spaces for young artists and contemporary art, and a Dadalab, laboratory for the experience of Dada art for young people.

"yad Gertrude" was donated to Ein Hod by the dancer Gertrude Krause who was a member of the village. It serves as the village archives, a showcase for the members of Ein Hod who passed away, as well as a hall for chamber music concerts.

In the village square and all around the village there are galleries, workshops and studios, art shops, café's and restaurants opened to the public.

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Ein Hod
Ein Hod
Ein Hod
Ein Hod
Ein Hod