In the spring of 2005, while doing their own reporting, Argentineans Diego Goldberg and Roberto Guareschi taught short, two-hour workshops for young people living in eight areas: Brazil, Cambodia, India, Jamaica, the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement (Uganda), Morocco, Uganda, and the Ukraine.

The workshops were conducted to encourage young people between the ages of 10 and 24 to participate in the Chasing the Dream website and exhibition by sharing their hopes and dreams, and by exploring their own points of view through their photographs and words.

The ten young people in each workshop were provided with a disposable camera and a caption sheet. They were asked to photograph ìwhat they liked, loved, was important for them and, on the other hand, what they didnít like or hated,î over the days and weeks that followed. The young people were told that some of the work might make its way back to the United Nations building in New York for an exhibition on the Millennium Development Goals. What do young people think about their own lives?

For many of the participants it was the first time that they had taken a picture. Some of their remarkable photographs and accompanying captions are presented here, showing us and our leaders a bit more about what itís like to be a young person in the world today.

Please click to go to the next screen, and use the computer mouse to ìroll overî the small images to see them larger with their captions. There are four screens with some 50 images, so continue to look as long as you would like.