STAND UP AND BE COUNTED to join or form an alliance of young people, AIDS activists, women’s rights advocates, health workers, environmentalists, teachers, students, union and civil society organizations – everyone who is concerned and willing to work together to eradicate poverty, combat disease including HIV/AIDS, achieve gender equality, create jobs and provide education for both boys and girls alike. If you would like, you can also wear a white band to show your commitment.

you should focus on informing yourself and those around you about the Millennium Declaration and the eight Millennium Development Goals. In some countries national campaigns have started under the banner “No Excuse, Promises Must be Kept” to inform people how to work with governments to eradicate extreme poverty, combat HIV/AIDS, promote women’s rights, provide access to reproductive health and ensure education for boys and girls by 2015. Join an organization of young people working on issues that affect you.

IF YOU LIVE IN A DEVELOPED COUNTRY you should be aware of the commitments made by wealthier countries in Goal 8: to increase aid and aid effectiveness, debt relief and trade opportunities for poor countries. Make sure that your country is doing its part! Ending poverty is not about charity but about justice.

. Visit these websites:

WORK WITH YOUR POLITICIANS. The 2005 World Summit will be held from 14-16 September 2005 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, where governments will meet to review their progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals over the last 5 years. Work with your governments to support them in reaching the commitments they have made. This is the time for people of both rich and poor countries to work together, review what has been achieved and accelerate progress.

GET INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS. We are the first generation that can put an end to poverty! Let’s not lose the chance.