The city of Düsseldorf, which places great importance upon inter-cultural dialogues with many countries, sought a partner for an artists' exchange project in Israel as well.

Ein Hod artists' village, infused with art and culture, located in metropolitan Haifa (the sister city of Düsseldorf) was the perfect answer.

Once the bond was formed, Ein Hod renovated a small stone house in the center of the pastoral village as a special guest studio for the artists of Düsseldorf who came as early as 1987, and have been coming to Ein Hod for the last 20 years.. Similarly, Düsseldorf then allocated a spacious studio with living quarters to accommodate Ein Hod artists. The studio is located in the famous Artists' house near the Museum and culture center in the city.

The exchange program calls for the artists to live and work in the respective studios for periods of two months, concluding their visits with an exhibition depicting their impressions of their stay.

Even though the city of Düsseldorf has many such programs with over 30 countries world wide, a special bond was formed between the artists of both countries during this long term exchange, now in its twentieth year.

The benefits of such exchange are endless, touching upon such issues as opening dialogues among artists, the sharing of ideas, projects and exhibitions, and exposing each artist and each community other to new concepts.

Some of the artists, both from Ein Hod and from Düsseldorf, have returned several times to the host communities to live and work and established friendships with their hosts. Others have shown their works in versatile forms in both countries and have participated in group shows sponsored by both partners.

Artists from Düsseldorf are invited by the city of Düsseldorf to present body of work they have created in Israel in spaces owned by the city and are invited to share their experience.

A token of the special relationship that developed during the years is the "Düsseldorf observation point" located in the midst of the village over looking the sea coast and as well as the donation raised by the city for planting trees in the village following the disaster of the great fire in the year of 1995.

Guest Artists from Düsseldorf: Markus Kottmann ,Alexander Danov,Hurgen Hille, Dorothee Bouchard,Ion Isalia,Irmgard Kramer,Joachim Stallecker,Achim Spyra,Giorgio Camastro,Annette Wimmershoff, Jeanette Streitparth,Frank Michaelis,Hedwig Rogge,Klaus Richter,Birgit Hübner, Ubbo Kügler,Reiner Roemer, Liffers-Michels, Gerlinde Salentin, Werner Reuber Joachim Stallecker, Annette Wirtz ,Barbara Hermann, Luthar Krüll , Irmgard Kramer, Murielle + Friedhelm, Kobecke, Franz Karl Bößer, Frank Schablewski, Günter Krajewski, Horst Kerger, Brigitta Thaysen, Jochen Duckwitz, Franz Karl Bößer , Karen Bößer, Wilfried ,Neuse Gabriele Liffers, Andreas Simon, Sabine C. Borchert, Terry Buchholz , Markus Mußinghoff, Zsuzsa Klemm, Ioan Jacob, Katrin Roeber, Hyun-Ju Ahn, Peter Hermann, Larissa Voltz, Sabine C. Borchart, Barbara Herbert,Ute Reeh, Michael Schmidt, Jutta Hume.

Among Guest Artists from Ein hod: Shoshana Hieman, Tovia Yuster, Batiya Jancourt,
Clair Yaniv, Yosh Rotter, Ovadia El-Kara, Ziva Kiener, Lezer Manola,
, Avraham Eilat, Abezhause, Boaz Tal, Daniela Buchard-Ratner, Nechama
Levendal, Nadav Bloch, Averaham Eilat, Ayelet Shefer, Valentina Brosiloveskia, Moshe
Moskovitz, Serfina, Gila Givon, Mara Ben-Dov.

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Düsseldorf is the capital city of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and (together with Cologne and the Ruhr Area) the economic center of Western Germany. Düsseldorf is located on the River Rhine and it is one of the main centers of the densely populated Rhine-Ruhr area.

Art-loving Elector Jan Wellem and his wife Anna Maria Luisa of Tuscany, of the Medici dynasty, were the patrons of Düsseldorf's first significant cultural activities in the 17th and 18th centuries. Heinrich Heine, whose 200th birthday was celebrated in 1997, Clara and Robert Schumann as well as Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy are the most prominent artists related to the city. The Academy of Fine Arts was the cradle of many important artistic initiatives, and the names of Paul Klee, Joseph Beuys and Albert Bierstadt are associated with the institution (Düsseldorf School).

The Düsseldorf cultural scene comprises traditional and avant-garde, classical and glamorous. The world famous state art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia, the highly acclaimed Deutsche Oper am Rhein (opera), and the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (theater), artistic home of Gustaf Gründgens, are major elements of Düsseldorf's reputation as a center of the fine arts.


Head of the Dusseldorf Culture Department

In 1987 a first group of Dusseldorf artists travelled to Ein Hod. Out of that a German-Israeli artist-exchange developed in a friendly, almost familiar atmosphere. For many participants one stay was not enough, so that they returned.

I am delighted that we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our friendship and that we will keep up our wonderful contacts. It is always fascinating to me what artistic projects are being put into practise within this exchange and about the variety of ideas, which artists are being inspired through the stays in Ein Hod and Dusseldorf. Especially the difference between the rural location of Ein Hod nearby the Carmel Mountains and the urban life in Dusseldorf has influenced many artists' work.

Events like the art-auction in Dusseldorf in 1999, through which the "Forest of Friendship" could be planted in Ein Hod, show that the artists from Ein Hod and Dusseldorf feel very closely connected. The experience of the other culture has made them become friends. The book, which is now being developed because of the 20th anniversary, will be a special sign of this friendship.

At the moment the exchange projects are being organised by Margol Gutman from Ein Hod and Karin Rauers from the Dusseldorf culture department. Very important for the development of the artist-exchange was the initiative of Olly Givon and Shoshana Heimann. I thank all of them for their thrilling commitment.

For our future cooperation I wish us all the best. I am looking forward to welcoming many more artists from Ein Hod in Dusseldorf.

Marianne Schirge,
Head of the Dusseldorf Culture Department

Karin Rauers
In charge of the artist-exchange and the artists' support

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