Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher
# 34 Ein-Hod artists' village
Israel, 30890
Tel: +972.4.9841560
web site:

ARMA Theatre (the Hebrew initials of Earth, Wind, Water & Fire) was founded in 1990 by Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher. ARMA theatre combines diverse techniques of work, such as Physical theatre, street theatre, site-specific and Bouffon theatre, clown work, plastic-arts, dance, video-art, architecture, light design and man-space-movement relations, indoors and outdoors. We create performances and direct projects with our company or as a residency project with other companies and teach a wide variety of workshops.

Our aspiration is to create artistic inter-cultural dialogues by realizing new theatre projects and to co-operate with artists of the different art domains. We wish to create projects which are border crossing, breaking barriers of religion, language, tradition or biased opinions. We wish to bring the artists and the audience together, in the joy of creation and the love of theatre and the arts. We believe that through inter-cultural theatre projects, great respect for all mankind can grow and new relations, of hope and friendship, can be established.